Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 Pints of Raspberries = TONS of Fun!


Up and early Saturday morning and looking for something new to my family and I went to a local farm in Hamilton, Virginia that has u-pick raspberry fields. Check them out if you are local - Wegmeyer Farms. Raspberries are my daughters favorite fruit. She will 'pop' them on all 10 fingers and eat them one by one, and then do it all over again. It was a gorgeous day for picking, and we ended up coming home with 5 pints of yummy berries.

Instead of gorging our bellies and eating all 5 pints - Lily and I decided to try our hands are jam making. A little bit of time researching on google and we were off to the store for our materials. I won't reinvent the wheel - there are a TON of great references for jam making if you google you way through it.

We used 4 pints of our raspberries...Lily was the smoosher....doesn't it look fun!


Added the sugar, pectin and cooked over the stove-top (following the directions of course)....laddled the jam into the sterilized Ball jars, and then back to the canning bath to seal the lids.

At the end of the day we had 18 jars of raspberry jam. And my raspberry expert declares it is "The BEST jam ever!"

What fruit are we going to pick and jam next weekend?


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  1. these would make cute teacher/neighbor gifts for Christmas! love the color!