Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Official Blog Post

Wondering if anybody will really read this silly thing.....double check!

Alas - here I go anyway.

So I Facebook...(I mean, you must live under a rock if you don't). I'm active with Flickr. I read a ton of blogs - always looking for the new thing to add to my to do list. My to do list....(which BTW has got to be 3 miles long) can never have enough stuff on it. I see something that I love... I like... looks fun... looks yummy - I want to try it. The words "I can make that." come across my mind ALL the time.

There are tons of things in my life - I'm never sitting still - but the items I seem to share the most with my friends and family revolve around fabric, food and family, so that's what I'm going to share here.

10 years ago I moved into my first house. My windows needed curtains....and the custom draperies were going to cost an absolute fortune. And of course, being house poor, like every first time home-buyer, I didn't have a small fortune to spare. So I decided - "I can make that!" I did some research, bought my first sewing machine and 3 months later - I had 8 full length and lined silk drapery panels sewn and hanging in my new family room........

That's how the fabric love began. Now, I've upgraded my sewing machine, tricked out my sewing room, and upgraded to ALL things fabrics! Quilts. Pillows. Girls Clothing. Gift Items....and of course curtains. :)


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